About Us

Who are we

Under the spiritual coverings of our Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo, we are
given a clear mandate of the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David. Tabernacle of David
refers to Prayers, Praise and Worships Together in Unity Day and Night. BIC Vancouver
through its pastors and leadership team, has a strong spirit of prophetic prayer, praise and
worship to penetrate through society by imparting Christ’s love, healing movement, and
reaching out nations.

This year Ps. Niko Njotorahardjo declared his vision from God: “The year of 2017 is the Year
of Miracle Harvest” (Joel 2:28-32). As preparation for the biggest harvest before His second
coming, BIC Vancouver encourage all members of our congregation to seek God’s face daily
and to soak even more in His presence through Morning Prayer Tower (every Tuesdays –
Fridays) and Night Prayer Tower (every Thursdays).

We realize that we are stronger together as the body of Christ and that we need to support
each other in maintaining a spirit-led life. Every Fridays, we gather for a night of sharing and
fellowship together in COOL (Community of Love) groups. We have COOL groups in 7
locations spreading over Greater Vancouver area.

Niko Njotorahardjo

Senior Pastor

Pastor Niko is the Senior Pastor of the Gereja Bethel Indonesia, Gatot Subroto. Pastoring more than 800 churches around the globe with more than 275,000 members. Since 2006, He has forefront the Healing Movement Ministries Globally.He has a passion to see the Holy Spirit overtake Christians worldwide. Pastor Niko also serves as Co-Chairman of the Empowered21 and on the cutting edge of the Spirit-empowered movement.

Eddy Gunawan

Lead and Regional Pastor

Pastor Eddy and Liana Gunawan are the Regional Pastors of GBI Canada. Under the senior leadership of Pastor Eddy, GBI Canada has grown from a congregation of one city to three (Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto). They live in Vancouver, BC and oversees Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto congregation. They are loving pastors, passionate about the Cause of Christ, and consumed with seeing people come into relationship with Jesus.